Basic question about soft modding the 3DS

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  1. rorro

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    Nov 8, 2014
    Im a complete NOOB regarding the 3DS (i have more experience with the Wii), so i have a couple of questions that i hope someone kind enough can answer for me.

    I want to buy a brand new 3DS XL from bestbuy. Now, i know that its going to come with a version way past 4.5.... so:

    1.- Is it possible to upgrade that brand new 3DS to a version past 9.0 that i can softmod?? Basically, im interested in playing backups from the 3DS and i dont know if its going to be possible because it needs 4.5, right?

    2.- Is it possible to play backup games from the DS?

    3.- Is it possible to play NES/SNES/GBA games from an emulator?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. Bug_Checker_

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    Short answer there is no PUBLIC SOFT mod for ALL retail games.
    Start here and ask in that thread.
  3. DarkFlare69

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    I got him Bug_Checker_

    1. If your 3DS is LOWER than 9.0, yes. You need to buy a game that requires firmware 9.0 (NOT ANY HIGHER) and then play it once just to update your system, then you can sell it again, or keep it.

    2. Not sure what you mean.. backup DS roms and backup 3DS roms require a flashcart, like gateway.

    3. With Ninjhax or a flashcart, yes, it's possible.
  4. reaper527

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    i just want to add to this, make sure that your wifi is turned off and that you don't have any pending updates (you'll see a nag screen when you turn on the system if you do). if you don't double check this, you run the risk of the console downloading/installing the newest version instead of using the update that's on the cart you loaded.
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  5. DarkFlare69

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    Dec 8, 2014
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    Yeah, this too. Thanks.
  6. WaterBotttle

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    Dec 19, 2014
    At the moment there is no public softmod option available. A flashcard team called "Gateway" is working on supporting firmware 9.2 and below, 9.2 is higher that (to my knowledge) all current newly bought 3DS so any picked up from the store will be fine. The update will be released *soon* if you follow the mega thread we have for it, but it will be able to play 3DS backups and potentially DS. I don't know about NES/SNES/GBA I remember something about virtual console games.
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