Hacking Banner animations from SD card menu


Dec 1, 2009
So, if you want to load a channel, things work like this:

From the Main Menu, Icon shows on the channel spot -> Click the channel -> Banner animation plays -> Click start -> Load the channel
From the SD Card Menu, Icon shows on the channel spot -> Click the channel -> Small pre-load, again with the channel Icon -> Click start -> Banner animation plays for less than 2 seconds and then channel loads

I've been re-organizing my channels and I was wondering, would it be possible to have channel loading from the sd card menu behave as loading one from the main menu does? As in, instead of the pre-load screen with the icon again, have it load the banner directly before clicking the start button just like in the main menu? I understand it would still have to copy the data temporarily to the wii memory for that to happen and it wouldn't be as "immediate" because of that, but still the channel's banners wouldn't go to waste on those 2 seconds that they play before actually loading the channel.

The way I see it, if it is at all possible, a priiloader hack would be the easiest way to achieve this goal (maybe the only way, make it think we're on the main menu when we're actually on the SD menu?) so, since I know less than nothing about making such things, I was hoping I'd at least get a "Not possible." from someone who knows their way around the system menu hacks to put my mind at ease on the subject. I have tried running some searches on this and found nothing (anywhere) and I realise this is a long shot, because this is not a question of turning something on or off like most of the other hacks, it is a much more complex situation I'm sure but I was thinking about it so I thought I'd ask anyway...

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