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    Hi All,

    Ok i have a banned Xbox 360 and would like to ask some questions.

    1/. If i take the hard drive off the banned console and put it on normal console will i have any issues with saves and gamertag?

    2/. Or if i buy a Xbox 360 memory card and put saves and gamertag on it can i then put in unbanned console and play like normal?

    3/. People say that the media extender does not work but it does on our banned console, we can watch tv,record tv,watch movies from the pc etc etc.
    Just curious what ppl mean when they say it does not work once banned?

    Cheers Shane
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    1) as long as the profile was not accessed while the 360 is banned it will load right
    if you loaded it when it was, the profile is corrupted and needs to be recovered on the new xbox
    same goes for saves that were saved after the xbox was banned, they will showup as corrupted on the other xbox (before will work fine)

    2) see above
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    Is this not the 5th or some we have done this?

    1) Outside chance of it not causing hassles, you can recover everything though so the banned is as good as a normal console but without the live stuff so consider it as read that you will have to do it. It makes sense to do it as well.
    Steps are uncripple:
    We covered this before, you will need to hook up enough stuff to dump the NAND and flash it back again. is a start.

    Restore profile:

    2) Same problem as hard drive stuff until you fix it.

    3) Media extender requires online (as in Live) access at various points (updates, verification and other stuff) which being banned kicks in the head. Streaming/transcoding functionality (TVersity and the like) should still work though.
  4. shanefromoz

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Thanks guys.