Backing up saves without extra hardware

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by Sylantemp, Jan 22, 2013.

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    I wasn't sure if this was better suited in the DS or 3DS section, but the 3DS gets enough seemingly useless spam, so I went with the other.

    There's a lot of options for DS users to back up their cartridge saves, be it through external hardware or WiFi enabled homebrew. These are all good working options, save for the fact that the 3DS does not work with the WiFi mode. This is where my interest comes in.

    Just as with that piece of software has to be stored locally to continue running it's basic task without the flash cart being inserted, would it not also be logical to be able to store a save in the system RAM, before copying it back onto the flash cart? Mind my ignorance if this is already something that has been done, or if there's a known technical limitation preventing it.
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    the DS only has 4mb of ram
    flashcards only run in DS mode so thats all there is to work with

    there is a dumping method but you need a EZ 3in1 in the Slot 2 of a DS or Lite as the data could be stored temp on there then would transfer to the Flashcard

    you can also buy a save dongle so you dont need any consoles to dump saves, just a pc
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    Cart-swapping doesn't work on the DSi or anything later than it. It only works on the original DS, and the Lite.

    That's partially why the dongle is so popular, since it's the only functional method for people that only have a DSi or 3DS (since you can't cart-swap or use a slot-2).
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