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    May 5, 2011
    Good day! I'm fairly new to this forum and I know that a lot of people can help me here. Last night, I transferred some of my 4th Gen Pokemon to my Pokemon Black via the Poketransfer feature. What I have is an r4 clone(I think) running on akaio 1.8.1 and what I did was to send my Pokemon to a friend's retail Diamond version. Then from the Diamond I use the DS Download play feature to transfer it to my Black in the r4. I've read that akaio has a DS download play feature built in it and I was just wondering if I could use that to transfer to a friend. It saves me the trouble of transferring to the retail Diamond and back to my Black. Thanks and sorry if I've violated any rules [​IMG]
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    DOwnload play means that the roms running can have download play. So yes
    If it was the other way arounf Diamond ROM to Retail black then no