Attempting to list all programming languages available for the DS

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    A thread earlier got me curious so I thought I would go back. The search terms are too generic to bring back anything of great note so here I am trying to recall the various things I have seen over the years and play with a search engine for a bit as well. If you are a want to be DS homebrew programmer that stumbled upon this somehow get either a copy of devkitarm/devkitpro ( ) which does C, C++ and assembly or a copy of microlua ( ) which does lua. Everything else here is not really what you would call production ready.

    Devkitpro/devkitarm obviously, mainly a combination of the GCC and ARM-EABI though flanked with very nice libraries, docs and sets of tools to help out.

    Palib might count here as it is kind of different at some level even if practically speaking it is just a library.

    There is an "interpreted C" option as well in

    Assembly. Aside from the obvious (though I might make the distinction between the arm-eabi stuff and the arm-sdt stuff).
    Also GBA I know but

    There are also more interpreted assembly/what assembly kind of is thing as well.

    Not sure how many dialects ended up on the DS.

    Several interpreters exist (Wee Basic and an interesting thing in being the main two nowadays, Basic DS/DS Basic a bit further back got a following ). Depending upon how you want to play it many of the old systems that ran on BASIC have been emulated on the DS. That line gets blurrier when you consider the stuff like DreamZZT which "emulates" ZZT, Frotz (DSlinux and standalone), things like Chip8 "emulators" and the likes of SCUMMVM with all it does.

    Python (stackless)



    Several other versions did exist at various points in time. DSlua and nanolua being the main two.

    Brainfuck is one, there are several more and many made them as a coding test for themselves.

    Several of the esoteric languages also made it to the DS at various points. being an example of another.


    I suppose DS linux would also come with something resembling BASH or about as functional. Several people have attempted to make their own "OS" with various degrees of functionality as well.
    However DSlinux should have a version of PERL available. Despite using quotes and everything searches for Ruby and Perl on the DS did not get too far for obvious reasons.

    The ones I only found by a search
    I missed this one first time around I think.

    Along with the above apparently Gambit Scheme made its way to the DS one day. I shall have to dig through the mailing list though as most things (from a 30 second search and scan) are references to nonexistent blogs.

    Squeak NDS, a version of smalltalk.

    I am mainly looking for anything obvious that I might have missed. Unless someone ported a version of Ada, Fortran, logo, COBOL or possibly a javascript interpreter I expect most things will be different forks, implementations of dialects/spinoffs to what is already there and the like. I propose we avoid the esoterically Turing complete debate.
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    BAG's ds2 scripting language, but i'm not sure if you can write it while on the ds2, i never looked into it.

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    there's Nightfox's Lib which is geared toward programming for the DS.