Assassins Creed 2 Safe File Corruption

Discussion in 'PS3 - Games & Content' started by sonknuck23, May 15, 2011.

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    Apr 25, 2008
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    At a certain point in the game, it crashed while loading / saving a certain point. I had no choice but to turn my PS3 off. After doing so, I noticed that in my PS3 there was a corrupted save file, AND my Assassins Creed II profile. When I tried to reload the game, it froze again. So I turned it off, turned it back on, but this time the corrupted save was gone, BUT my Profile was still there. When I went to reload the game, my profile IN THE GAME was gone. It's still in the PS3 save files, BUT the game shows nothing. . . What the hell is going on? : /