Asking for help with a Criminal Girls 1 uncensor...

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  1. SonsofOcelot

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    Aug 4, 2016
    I just grabbed a copy of the US game and dumped it. Looking at the US data.dat file and the JP data.dat file in HxD revealed something pretty interesting...

    There are .bak files all through the US version of the file. People familiar with PC mods and the like know that .bak files are backups of original files when trying out mods so that the original file can be easily put back in place.

    Here is my issue: While i was able to extract the files out of data.dat using quickBMS I do not know how to repack them, nor do I know which files apply to which graphics, text, sound, etc. Some are obvious in their title or extension (.mtn is probably motion files, files called punish_tutrial probably has to do with the punishment minigame tutorial, etc.) but for the most part I can't figure them out.

    Anyone else wanna look at these and see what they can make of them? I'm gonna keep digging...