ARGON 1.6 firmware OUT!


The Gbatemp HRManager
Sep 10, 2006
ARGON 1.6 firmware OUT!

QUOTE said:
Dear customers,

we’re glad to announce the ARGON 1.6 firmware OUT! ARGON with 1.6 firmware is now a perfect chip for Nintendo Wii at all.

Download it here:

The new firmware introduce the following features:

1-   GAME CUBE’s games totally supported
2-   DVD9 games with layerbreak "2084960" ** supported
3-   SILVER BACKUP feature

*the backup test has been done on SSBB DVD9 with IMGBURN software, setting the preferences as “layerbreak 2084960”.

WIIKTUS 1.6 firmware is at work... we expect to release it during next week, don't worry INFECTUS2 users.. Wink

1-   ARGON is the ONLY chip that is updatable. Updating ACTEL chips is not that simple, actually any different chip has a correct updating system. A great updating system is so much important, GET THE BEST ALWAYS!!

2-   The INFECTUS community has got 1200 users now, it’s one of the biggest community around a Wii project. This will guarantee velocity and reliability realising ARGON updates.

NOTES: We report only one thing that need to be confirmed, some users told us that SSBB original DVD9 seams don't works... we are testing it in the next two days... other customers confirm works... we are investigating...


According to the infectus forums, some backup cube games are still having problems. This is being worked on.

Download the new firmware here: Argon 1.6

Note: If this is the release the infectus team was teasing about is unsure. They stated that their will be a feature added that no other chip had at the end of February...
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