Are there still fakes at

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    Jan 21, 2011
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    Hey guys,

    I know i should have used the search function first but i didnt because i didnt find any recent ones. I bought an acekard 2i from them..I know also just to ask first then buy.. Im kinda wondering if there is a new box? IF you see in the video below

    Skip to 1:30 or something.
    This dude is claiming that its working for so far.. So is this legit or what?
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    I ordered an Acekard 2.1 a couple months ago. The first one I got was either a fake or faulty. My DS lite and DS phat did not recognize the cart, even with the latest AKAIO firmware. I contacted RHS and they denied that it was fake and told me to send it back to replace it. I was sort of bummed out because I didn't want to pay shipping, again (lol), but they did confirm that something was wrong with it and sent me a new, and of course, working Acekard.

    The process was quick; I got my new Acekard a couple days later. Customer service was fast and quite good. I've read somewhere that they check every flashcard before sending it out, but I guess somehow, the first one I got slipped by.

    Anyway, even if you do get a fake/messed up Acekard, they have decent customer service and you can get it replaced easily. Since it's in the US, shipping shouldn't take more than 3 days one way, unless you happen to live in a rural area.

    I don't know about the new boxes, but mines looked like that.
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    But does'nt all acekard products have that anti counterfeit codes on them?
  4. Zorua

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    The anti-counterfeit code was just introduced. The supplier might have old stock.

    @OP, I have the same box and I know that my acekard is legit because the HWID of my cart is 8181. They changed the box for cost cutting purposes so you shouldn't really be worried.