Are Digital Games Linked to NNID or 3DS?

Discussion in '3DS - Nintendo Network' started by shado9573, Nov 19, 2017.

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    Hello everyone as the title suggests
    im wondering if digial games are linked to our 3ds or NNID
    recently i digitally bought pokemon Ultra Moon
    Lets suppose I downloaded the Game on the 3DS and i misplace my 3DS
    And i get a new 3DS
    will i have to buy the game again or can i just sign in the same NNID and download it?
    Also if erase my NNID from OLD 3ds and get the NEW 3DS will that have any affect?
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    You don't have to buy again the games, only sign in.
    You need to unlink your NNID from you OLD to link your NNID in your new 3DS.
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    They are technically linked to both your 3DS and your NNID. If you format your 3DS, you can redownload them using your NNID, but you can't sign in on multiple systems with the same NNID to access your games.
    If you get a N3DS, you can do a system transfer. This will transfer the licence from the old system to the new system. This means your old system will no longer work with your NNID, but your new one will have all the content you previously had, including save data, and eShop purchases.

    As an additional note after re-reading the OP. If you no longer have access to the system with the purchases on, you will have to call Nintendo Customer Support for your region, and ask them to unlink the account from the old system. If you don't do that (or a system transfer), you won't be able to sign in using that account on any other system.
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    so, before I sell my new 3DS, I should unlink my NNID from it, correct?
    (correction) read the first posts, and now I know, sorry for bloating the post.
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