AR DS Media Edition/MAX 3 Problem...

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  1. Reikai

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    May 1, 2007
    Hey, I've opened a ticket with Datel already, but I thought I'd ask here too.

    I bought 2 AR DS MAX 3/(Media Editions in English) today and when I got back home I tried them out... and both had the same "problem."

    I put them into my DS, and turn my DS on. However, the AR DS Software simply doesn't load. It doesn't go to the AR Menu, heck, it doesn't even go to the "Datel load screen" that states "blahblahblah this isn't licensed by nintendo." It just goes straight to the normal DS Lite Menu (where I can choose to play a DS Game, or Picto Chat, or Download Play...)

    This happened on both mine and my brother's DS Lites, as well as both AR DS Media Editions.

    I am wondering if anyone knows why/what causes this to happen?

  2. powerfull Tails

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    Jun 23, 2010
    you got a broken AR DS max media edition.

    that's all i can think of.
  3. Joktan

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    return them and try again.if it doesnt work then get one from a different retailer.