Anyone Still Using Blue Button Sky3DS?

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    Sep 9, 2014
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    So I got kicked out of the scene a while back, from a couple rounds of being a moron.
    Finally got a new unit on order, thanks to Black Friday deals, so I'm getting my bearings again.

    I've got the basics sorted out (these are 11.0 units, confirmed), and caught up with scene FAQs.
    I still have my Sky3DS from before (great for Cubic Ninja), and that's where my question comes in:
    Does anyone here still use a Blue Button Sky3DS and, if so, is there anything I should know of?

    I've seen the post on making templates for Blue Button, which is great.
    I know that S/M have new AP, so that will likely not work whatsoever, even with that.
    Old articles, however, say the old AP from HHD onward can be bypassed with HANS.

    Does this info still hold up?
    Is anyone still using one with this setup, does it work well for you?
    Did I miss any other really important/useful info aside from the above?

    Thanks in advance, should anyone have one and be able to answer.

    (Note: I know there's no good reason to buy a Blue Button; I just already have one.)
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