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    May 12, 2020
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    Assuming I'm boned here, but figured I'd check and see if anyone else has some input on this:

    I've been running Atmosphere CFW on my switch forever, and it's been great. Generally, I have kept my switch offline, mainly because of things like Retroarch. Wanted to start playing my purchased games online, so I set up a completely separate microsd card with emuMMC, so I have two microsd cards: one completely untouched for original FW, one with emuMMC for CFW. Thought my old NAND version 6.1 or 7.x NAND backup was completely gone, but I happened to find it after burning fuses to update to version 10.0.2 for online play... Great.

    Problem is, since I couldn't find my old NAND backup, I used Haku33 to clean my sysNAND, which of course, wiped my game saves. I knew saves would be lost, but I had done it under the assumption that my old NAND backup was completely gone. Now that I have my NAND backup, is there any way to safely pull my game saves without getting banned from online services? My thought was to restore my old 6.x or 7.x NAND backup from hekate, boot into CFW from there, update to 10.0.2 again from Choidujour to retain my game saves, boot back into my "tainted" 10.0.2 original FW after this process, hop online briefly to perform a cloud save backup, then wipe again with Haku33 and hope I don't get banned. From there, I figure I could go back online with my "clean" original firmware after the Haku33 wipe, and download my cloud saves. Before my update I had 7 burned fuses, now I believe I have 12.

    Is this a terrible plan which will most likely result in a ban? Not sure if there are any better options here, or just suck it up and lose the saves.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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    hacdiskmount. No need to flash your nand. Just research where to grab the saves from within the nand.


    As for ban, I would say that if the saves you have restored haven't been altered by you (to cheat or whatever) then there is little risk of ban. If you have altered/hacked a save, there is still little risk of ban for local games. If it's a game that has an online feature, and you have altered the save, then your chances of a ban go UP. Just forget about games like that to be safe.
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