Android ICS Ak2i/RPG Skin

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    A couple of days ago I wondered how hard it was to make a skin for my acekard. Since Android 4.1 Jellybean is right around the corner, I thought that i'd make an Ice Cream Sandwich skin since I loved the 4.0 GUI so much. For those unfamiliar with android, it's basically a really neat blue and grey thingy that google made and was a huge deal a couple of months ago :3

    So here are some pics, still in the theming program Acekard_skin_editor_V1.01 :nds: B-)


    I kinda screwed up with the lossless on the blue android, and it does look a bit cyanogenmodey, but I like it, and i'm gonna keep using it just cuz it's so simple.

    I realize now that it says AKAIO on it... but if you don't know what AKAIO is, you don't really know what you're doing in a way... But that's just an opinion. Also, where it says STAR instead of START at the bottom left, that's just a glitch. It doesn't show up that way after you put it on your DS. :mthr:

    A download link to the .zip file is right here:
    If you're afraid to download it, just sayin' that it's gonna download through google drive, which is pretty safe. Go ahead. Be paranoid.

    This was just a little project and I won't be making any more. Unless if this one gets a good response. Then it will become a new hobby.

    NOTE TO ADMINS: Please tell me if I messed up by breaking some sort of rule. I'm trying to legitimately share a little project that I made and it won't stop me from posting in the future if it gets deleted without said reason. And I copied all of this so if you need me to move it somewhere else on the website I can do so.