Alternative Software? Suggestions Please :)

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Gizametalman, Apr 30, 2017.

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    I've been wanting to learn Low-Poly and Hig-Poly modeling. Since I knew that Blender is open source, I didn't thought twice and proceeded to download it. It's already installed, had a look and I'm overwhelmed by its UI. Yes, I know I need to learn it before I quit. But I'm looking not just for powerful free software, but also a 3D Modeling software that can be used to create 3D Models and at the same time, be compatible with other software like:
    • Maya
    • Unity
    • Spine
    Also, I need it for my portfolio, you know, been worked as a Character Designer for Android games in the past, and I'd like to expand my habilities to any Poly Modeling too.

    I've found this site, which gives me alternatives to my software, but Suggestions from experienced people will be truly appreciated.

    Also I'm asking for a software that, if anybody tells me:
    "Make me a dragon, and a plane, and a human, and a troll"
    I'll be able to do it with one or at least, two programs.
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    Blender pretty much is the open source art focused 3d modeller. You can get some more geared for certain aspects (textures, animation, maybe world creation), alternative workflows/concepts (point cloud for instance), and several more geared towards engineering CAD but I would not use those for art.

    On its UI then yeah it is not the friendliest to beginners, and going in cold with the usual ( ) and maybe some of the tutorials covering the very basics is not going to do much. I don't like suggesting learning like this but maybe look for specific tutorials and branch a bit, do come back to the basics once you are at a point you can skip.
    In my case (and some time ago so I would rather not find the exact one) someone had a video on making a monster head. Covered basic shape manipulation, the ever fun subsurf button, all the sculpting brushes, texture creation/painting (albeit in place and did not get as far as unwrapping) and more besides. Had I not gone further it would not have left huge holes in my knowledge but it was quick and produced something worth having fairly quickly.
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