Alright, I'm a huge newb to GBA emulation on the DS (for pokemon e

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    Alright, so I have a retail Diamond. I traded in all of my GBA pokemon games in the past, and now I want to play some of them again on my DS with the EZ Flash 1-in-3 flashcart. I mostly want to play the games with such things so I can migrate pokemon from the GBA games to DS Pokemon games.

    I already have a DS and an R4DS cart, so I'm good with all that. All I really need to know is if I can migrate GBA pokemon to the DS Pokemon games, which I'm sure I can do. I just need to know how, since I'm pretty good with the DS flashcart stuff, and not the GBA. I plan on buying a EZF1-3 cart tonight if I understand it all.
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    you can't migrate unless you're using a legit GBA cart.
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    That's not true.
    There are patches.

    But I can't help you, sorry =/
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    couldnt u save the pkmn game to nor(permanent one?)
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    pokemon running on a 3in1 require RTC patching.

    you can do the transfers but not with the stuff you got. you will need to have a minimum of 2 flashcarts with RTC to do it, getting your hands on flashcarts with RTC and has a loaderless mode is slim.

    you just technically can't do it with what you got.
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    Edit: I just re-read your post, and I see you don't have the 3-in-1 yet. It doesn't have a real time clock, but it will still run the GBA pokemon games, and it is the only GBA flashcart you can use to do the migration to an R4.


    You cannot migrate your pokeymen from any GBA flashcart directly to a retail Diamond or Pearl game pak. You have two choices: Transfer the save from the DS game pak to your DS flashcart, do the migration with it, then transfer the save back to the game pak, or transfer the GBA save to a retail GBA pokemon game pak and use it to do the migration normally. Either way, it is definitely possible with the hardware you have.

    You can transfer the saves with Rudolph's backup tools.

    You'll need to patch the DS pokemon rom to allow it to read the save data from the 3-in-1. You can get the patch here:

    The real time clock won't be an issue. You certainly don't need to use a clock patch to get the GBA games running or to migrate your pokeymen, but if you care about it, Ruby and Sapphire can be patched to get the clock running while the game is turned on (it won't run while the game is off like the real cart would though). You can apply the RTC patch with GBATA.

    There is no clock patch for Emerald.