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    AKMenu4 for AK+ is a new kernal for acekard plus

    AKMenu 4 for AK+ (Ctrl+F)
    the following text is transfered by www.excite.co.jp's service
    or you can see the chinese version in the YYJOY
    We handle the user that Acekard + is old in appreciation for user support of all of you to Acekard of long time for all of you at this new year.

    AKmenu 4 for AK+!
    This menu is ported from akmenu 4.07 for AK RPG. Due to the hardware different between AK+ and AK RPG this menu still has some bugs. Please report to us when you use it. Thank you.

    New features
    Support Cheating System. (Please find the manual here)

    Auto-patching DLDI.

    Support Skin of RPG.

    Known Issue
    Do not support soft-reset right now.

    We’ll keep updating this menu and thank all users for your support!

    How to use
    Please copy all files, include akmenu4.nds and system folder, to the root of TF card.

    Please add new savelist.bin at /system/__rpg/.

    Please download skins of RPG at here and put it at /system/__rpg/.

    Back up save files before use it!

    Download a new accessory again, and BUG of the damage of the preservation of 4M
    file is corrected.
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    I'm sure this is great news to owners of AceKard+
    It also gives off the notion the AceKard is a professional company [​IMG]