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Oct 5, 2019
New Zealand
Hey Guys

I have a bit of a situation and wondering if someone can help
my son has show an interest in drumming, he is 8 and i thought that rather than buying him an expensive set of electronic drums to find he loses interest, a safer bet was for me to get a second hand set of rock band drums, and if he gets interested, away we go i would get him a electronic set

This is just a bit of background

so i own a wii and decided to look at some drums and guitar which i found for a very reasonable price

i load up the game and give it a whirl and hits are out and the experience is shocking
I have played this game before on the ps3 so i knew it was not me being a terrible player.

this is what i have experienced and done so far

  • when the game is about to start i can hit each pad and tap the kick peddle and all register in time on the screen and the sound coming from the tv is in time
  • when i start playing the hits dont seem to register as they should
  • i have attempted to calibrate and play around with this, and i "think" i have seen some improvement, but really not enough
  • Ive tried different controllers on the drum kit
  • tried moving closer to the console

It is fair to say i am at a bit of a loss, the lag makes the game unusable because the performance is so bad, the game kicks me off
ideas welcome, aside from buying a ps3 :P

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