Action replay HELP PLEASE :(

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    Long story short how do I get my action replay manager to recognize my DS, with a (ActionReplayDS_x64.sys) driver installed from the codejunkies site.
    Please note, if I try to install another driver in device manager the nds link driver will not come up in device manager, as before when the driver was not found it was called NDS link I can't find that or whatever the ActionReplayDS_x64.sys drive would be called.

    I really really need help, I have did everything tried everything have did xp virtual mode and tried on different computers even reset my DS and nothing has worked, and all I want to do is put some codes on my ARDS for completing the pokedex on pokemon platinum, like oaks letter and such, not DSI not DS LITE
    JUST DS. Version 1.6 not 1.7 firmware. [​IMG]

    Heres my problem.. Just today I reinstalled my Action Replay DS onto my windows 7 with the CD-Rom that came with the regular ARDS, before I updated to windows 7 from vista it worked on vista fine I could enter codes and anything.

    Ok so I install it.. everything is fine except the NDS link driver is missing so I go through SO MUCH FREAKING CRAP just to find out how to install a 64 bit windows 7 version nds link driver by downloading the newest AR manager on the codejunkies site. So it installs the driver absolutely fine no worries at all.

    I thought now Its all water under the bridge..right?! yeah sort of now it recognizes the 64 bit windows vista driver on my windows 7, but once everything is fully plugged in and it recognizes it I go into AR manager the downloaded version that I installed the driver from, open that and WALLAH.. o_o fail everything is hooked and now that the driver works perfectly it should recognize my DS in the manager.. well it doesn't recognize it..? So what did I do wrong or did Code Junkies not make a windows 7 compatible driver yet and I downloaded the windows vista version on the site? Well I don't know what it is.. poor Dylan looks like I'm going to have to enter ALL these codes by hand.

    If you take a look at the CodeJunkies support download section it states the download is for windows xp to windows vista users so that leaves the question does it work on vista 7?

    XP compatible drivers
    Vista 32bit & 64bit compatible drivers

    it merely states this but does not state if it works on windows 7..?

    So does that mean mean the driver doesn't work on windows 7? because I can run the manager fine it just doesn't recognize it.

    Help is so much appreciated I have searched far and wide on google for answers and no luck..

    And seriously if you can fix this I will make it up to you SO MUCH.

    I'll guess I'll start entering all these codes in by hand... sigh [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I know alot of this doesn't make sense grammatically.. yeah I skipped some meals and had cheese today so forgive if you want this re paraphrased.

    Please im so close to completing pokedex and just need like some codes for like oaks letter and stuff I been farting around with this all day

    if you help me ill send cookies to your house

    thanks............................. [​IMG]