Action Replay DS + Flashcart?

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    May 30, 2011
    I've recently dumped my Action Replay DS.
    The ROM appears to be detected in my EZVi.
    However it refuses to run.
    Yes, I'm aware I have a built in cheat system, but I was wondering if here was a way to play actual game cards with ar codes using a flashcart.

    That is why I dumped my AR in the first place. The initial goal was to play one of my real carts with cheats in my DSi. But unfortunately my Flashcart seems to get stuck while attempting to load it up.

    So: is there any way to play real carts with Ar codes using a flashcart?

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    The AR firmware is meant for a specific set of hardware, hardware the flash cart does not have.

    There is a way to use AR codes on actual carts, but it doesn't work on the DSi, DSi XL, or 3DS since it needs a cart swap from DS-mode and that doesn't work on them.
    Also the cheat database you load needs to be tiny (under 2MB IIRC), so you'll need to use a database editor and trim out all the games/codes you don't want.