Action Replay code generator?

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    Sep 18, 2009
    Is there any program where you can create your own action replay codes? XD
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    There are a couple of adjustment tools for known codes (add 1 for the next of the/here is a list of weapons, creatures, party members...) although you can just as easily do that on a spreadsheet, tool tools designed to sort codes in databases (stuff like r4cce), some tools designed to automatically apply them to roms (DSATM) and a few tools designed to help with some of the more complex aspects of code creation (pointer codes, encoding in more conventional languages and what have you) but otherwise the programs are an emulator with memory display/fiddling ability (desmume has some nice stuff these days, no$gba dev version had a bit and you can always wrap an emulator in emuhaste/emucheat or something) to search the memory as you would for the location of the value you want (although many of the top tier cheat makers do stuff in hardware via actual action replay hardware or some of the newer enhanced flash cards) and other cheats go the ever fun assembly hacking path.
    Some links
    kodewerx (I think there are some more updated forks of enhacklopedia around)
    (A note- if you do join the hacking forum remember to do a lot of reading of the rules and guides before speaking).