AC:NL Save Data & Dream Codes Sharing Thread

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    So... Is you're town hacked but want to get good ideas from other hacked town?
    Are you not able to hack but don't know any good hacked towns to go to?
    What about items, maybe you can't hack, but would still like some rare stuff.
    Well, this thread can help you out!
    Please do not share powersaves backups, I heard that they don't work when installing others saves.
    You can share savedatafiler or whatever saves, and even ram dumps!
    Post your dream address, post pictures! Anything to help others get a good idea for their town!!
    You can also posts friendcodes too!
    I'll put in one of my older saves! (This save might be corrupted.)
    Any fake saves that will cause harm to another persons game will be removed ASAP!
    PM me is your game breaks, I'll give you a noob friendly guide on how to get the game up and running again!!
    Remember to posts your ACNL username & town name!
    I'll upload my save later!
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    I will post my save later, to lazy to dump it right now, lol