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    Apologies for asking a blatantly newbie question, but I can't work out what the story is with the ROMs listed on the front page. I'm not interested in downloading them but just curious. Are they GBA and DS ROMS that someone has extracted (dumped?) from the original game card, and then made available? What does the release group refer to - the person(s) who dumped the ROM? The ROM numbers seem to be official - who assigns them if different groups are dumping ROMs? And finally, what are the NFOs all about? They seem to contain some info on the ROM, and then some ranting and/or gibberish, and maybe some cool ascii art!

    I feel dumb for not getting this, but can't find anything with the forum search so thought I'd embarras myself by asking!
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    Your questions are interesting, and you answer them all right [​IMG]

    - Yes they are dumped from the original game card and made available
    - Yes the release group is the name of the group who dumped the rom
    - The rom numbers aren't really "official". We on GBAtemp give them a numbering so people can refer to a game using a number. But it doesn't really have anything "official".
    - The NFOs are text (ascii) files that are made by the release groups, and are included in the .zip file that contains the rom file. The release groups write whatever they want in their NFO.

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    Why does eveyone in the world use rapidshare? Ironically this is the only place in the whole world I cannot download from.
    Can we put stuff on here instead?
    I can download fine from here [​IMG]
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    Raise your point with the people that do it, its nothing to do with this site.
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    ask a stupid question like that again and you will have a weeks holiday to realise the error of your ways [​IMG]

    and yes i have edited the link

    ho ho ho
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    Wont happen again.