A series of errors when trying to load Hekate and boot Atmosphere.


May 21, 2023
United Kingdom
Hoping a decent chap or chapess might be able to help me? I'm a noob but havent got any responses on the Noob section. If there is already an answer out there on the forum i've not been able to find it myself, so I do apologise and if someone can even direct me to that, I would be grateful.

I loaded Hekate 6.0.3 and Atmosphere 1.5.3 yesterday morning using the sdsetup site and there was no issues first try. Everything was right there on the emummc and I could access my games etc. I then attempted to start adding Sys Clk Suite OC and ended up getting a repeated crash (foolishly i didnt note it down and thought it would be quicker to reinstall and learn more about overlays and kips etc).

When I went back to attempt to do it again I noticed that there was a newer version of Hekate/NX 6.0.4 so I went through the same process but once I partitioned the emummc I noticed that sys (emummc) didnt show up in the Launch option in Hekate, nor the fusee option and when I tried to load Sys Cfw I get an error: " a fatal error occurred when running fusee. failed to open sdmc:/atmosphere/package3! ". I used the fusee.bin file associated with the atmosphere package I downloaded and placed it in payloads in the bootloader folder the same why I did the first time and package3 is definitely there too in SYS folder.

I thought I would give the tutorial here https://rentry.org/EristaEmuNAND. To understand better how the files were interacting and to have more control over the process. I made sure that the fss0=atmosphere/package3 line was in the .ini file like it tells you on the Github Hekate download page. But still get the error.

In addition this time when I loaded Hekate I got the error: failed to load GUI resources/ res.pak not found or corrupted before Hekate booted. But it still boots after the message.. But res.pak is definitely there in the SYS folder in bootloader folder. So i'm wondering is hekate and atmosphere unable to read these folders on my sd card and it might actually be a problem with my SD card? (256gb Samsung evo) because the SD card is topping out at 221GB and even after I do a full erase and reformat its still the case and Hekate still says there is a partition on there.

I know theres a lot here but this is driving me nuts now. Any help would be appreciated beyond measure. I just want to overclock TotK damn it! haha.

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