A quick introduction...


Jun 18, 2022
United States
Hello everyone whos active here.

Just going for a quick intro...

Ive been lurking for decades between here, and RHDN mostly as aside from when in chatrooms im not very active with forums and keeping up with and track of all kinds of posts/topics etc nor can I remember all the places and threads visited one day on the next.

Anyway, I am very immature and dont care to admit it. I am 35 almost 36. I love the 2D era of gaming and prefer pre HD to post HD gaming. Hence the name. 😉

I have too many consoles and handhelds I like to list but im very fond of the PSX/PS1, PS2, PSP, Dreamcast, PC Engine/CD-Rom², SNES/SFC, Genesis/Sega CD/32x, Saturn, as well many other consoles and handhelds. I like the PS3 and Vita to a decent degree but dont care for them as much as others.

I love anime, and an working on regaining many games for PSX and PS2 as well as other consoles, Guidebooks, and whatever else I can get that I enjoy. I really enjoy Verticle Shmups, as well as 2D beat em ups, JRPGs, Visual Novel and Dating Sim style games.

I generally prefer "niche" stuff more than anything as finding things I feel are underappreciated is exciting to me. I dont care as much for things that garner huge userbases or attention. I prefer more tight-knit communities which is partially why I dont post in forums often.

I have tried on and off to learn Japanese and it hasnt gone well but I still someday hope to meet someone or a group to help me learn as there are many JP games on the PSX/PS2/Saturn/Wonderswan/Dreamcast and other consoles I want to understand better especially visual novels.

I also support any and all Fan-Translation groups as the more games especially from the 90s or early 00's made playable the better.
I am a big fan of the Tales of series as well as Growlanser, Arc the Lad, Sakura Taisen, Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, Y's, .hack series(really liked the idea), Thousand Arms, Lunar, Densha De Go, Initial D, and many other anime influenced game series. I hope and look forward to more games and things currently unplayable to become as such.

Thats mostly it I would say.

I will try and be as active as possible but either way, thanks for reading this and be well everyone.
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Hi. Welcome. My name is UnreaLorenzo (comes from back in the day when UT99 was a huge hype) or just a Brick Stone

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