a questing about Selling a Softmodded&Chipped Wii

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    May 9, 2012
    hi i got a questing
    how much worth on ebay is:
    -Wii: 3 years old looks like as new + fully working(PAL europa version)
    -softmodded with homebrew channel+a usb loader
    -the WodeJukebox Chip (2 years old) looks like new+fully working(mainly got that one cuz of it was the only thing that can use gamecube from a USB HDD back then)
    -4x Wii remotes(no motion plus) with Nunchuck on all(nintendo´s official onces)(all is looking like almost not used)
    -4x Classic Controllers(nintendo´s official onces)(all is looking like almost not used)
    -2x gamecube controllers (nintendo´s official onces)(both is looking like almost not used)
    -a 2 Year old 500GB USB HDD(ofc no games in it since thats pirating) that can the new owner take care of

    selling that as a bundle on Ebay soon but want to know how much you think it is worth first
    and i think this forum was the best place to ask

    and is it still possible to sell a Wii at all?
    with the Wii U getting soon all the titles from wii to wii U like mario kart,smash,mario platformers and so on

    since i want to sell it since i never use it and kinda have replaced my Wii with Wii U and gamecube part of the wii i have replaced with Emulator(kinda also soon have replaced Wii with emulator) since i selling this to get more money for a new computer