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    I use a loader to launch (USB Loader GX) my GC games with Nintendon't the loader supports oracina cheats and works great with nintendon't how ever my biggest issue is each game region has cheats and some regions don't this is annoying how ever I was checking a few games that both have cheats and same cheats and noticed some games have 0 differences in cheats code so. I'm going to try out a little method I'm working on gonna see if my pal games can use NTSC cheats without a problem if this works I will report back. As I noticed a few resident evil games have many codes for 1 region and little to none in another region.

    If my method works I will share my Cheat codes database as a zip for all you's willing to use as well and I will create a list for the games and will take requests. I am how ever gonna eventually try and take up Wii/GC development and hopefully release a few things someday.

    OK so far I have tried my method with 1 game Zelda Twilight Princess (GameCube Version) the method has worked well so far no issues and cheats I selected have worked fine.
    Infinite health I got attacked hearts didn't drop,
    Infinite rupees my rupees went to 1000
    Infinite small keys they showed up above my rupees I'm guessing all the cheats worked.

    My method was easy tbh 1st download a title of game for a set region if it has less or more cheats than your region download it anyway
    Example you have pal and can only get NTSC version. Cheats download a txt version. Edit 4th letter is GUGP69 that 4th letter states the region of game
    (P) = Pal
    (E) = European/NTSC
    (J) = Japanese
    I could only get NFSU2 (E) codes so to get them working on Pal I swapped the E
    to a P
    So GUGE69.txt renamed it to GUGP69.txt after open the file at top of file in word pad etc... You will see GUGE69 do the same and change that to GAGP69.

    (I actually didn't try this out on NFSU2 yet but I have tried this method on Zelda Twighlight princess and cheats are working great)

    OK some games this method doesn't work it worked fine ZTP but caused crash on NFSU2, Resident evil 4 so I may just download NTSC versions of game

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