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    Dec 30, 2013
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    So yea...
    I was wondering, since the official timeline of the legend of zelda was released before its release, where A Link Between World is supposed to be in the timeline?
    I didn'T played this game for a while, so tell me if I'm wrong with my suposition :
    Yuga didn't actually resurected Ganondorf, he released him from the Sacred Realm with the power of the 7 sages. So I assume Ganondorf was still alive at this time (sealed, but alive).
    So I guess A Link Between World events occures before A Link to the Past, where Ganondorf dies, right?
    Also, if this supposition is right, another question remains, is the link from A Link Between World and A Link to the Past/Oracles Series/Link's Awakening the same?
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    I don't know, I have the same doubt:wacko: