a good scratch smudge disk fixer?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by DJPlace, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. DJPlace

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    i have some games but they have smudges and scratch's on them... and they won't play and i'm wondering if there's a good fix for those's let me know... (i take care of my disk real good but still sometimes stuff happens)
  2. Lube_Skyballer

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    Jul 23, 2007
    I'm eager for a solution either!
    Because I still have a copy of Marvel Vs. Capcom for oXbox laying around that has weird smudges and scratches on the non-label side.
    The smudges cannot be removed with a (wet) cloth or whatever. They seem to be "in" the protective layer of the DVD...
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    Mar 17, 2010
    Well, if you really took good care of your disks they wouldn't get scratched enough to not play. One tip is to never leave the disc just laying somewhere out of its cover. Discs get scratched just from rubbing against a surface slightly, even if the surface is dirt free.

    However, the so-called "disc fixers" usually just scratch the disc more. The way they work is by removing some the outer protective layer that has the scratches on it, but it's basically like taking really fine sandpaper, putting some sort of polish on it and scrubbing the disc outwards. The end result is not perfect from what I've seen, it just looks rough, but it may actually make badly scratched discs play, unless the scratches are really deep. Cheap disk fixers all basically do the same thing and the result is not great. There are professional ones that probably do a better job but they are generally not affordable by the average consumer.

    You may want to look into any shops around you that might do disc repair as they probably have professional equipment for it.
    However, this page has a lot of good tips that you could try that only uses common household objects you already have, and if that doesn't help you can always seek out a shop that does disc repairs afterwards: http://www.wikihow.c...-a-Scratched-CD
    It's probably not a good idea to try the waxing/light bulb steps as they may do more harm than good (and they're temporary so they aren't really a solution in your case). However the steps on that page probably work better than a cheap $25 disc repair machine and should have a good chance of working.
    Just make sure to remember 2 things if you try any of the steps on that page: Never wipe on the side with the title, and NEVER wipe in a circle.
  4. Foxi4

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    This is the only genuine solution.

    Without using a proper buffering machine, there's nothing you can do about scratches. You can buy a cheap buffering machine, but chances are that it will make it worse. You can buffer by hand as well, risking breaking the disc or doing it unevenly. A machine dedicated for said purpose is a thousand times more precise than a human, and given the fact that most game stores have this service, it's your best bet.

    There's a saying where I live - "The Sly lose twice". If you'll be cheap about your fixing solution, you'll lose money you spent to fix the issue and the money you spent buying the disc.
  5. Sterling

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    I've fixed a ton of disks that otherwise would be lost by using the toothpaste trick. Granted, it won't do anything for deep scratches, but it helps. One time I had just bought a GOT Edition game with the DLC on the 2nd disc. I accidentally nudged my 360 while it was reading and lo and behold a large circular scratch appeared. Nothing but the first DLC could be pulled off it. After the toothpaste buff, I could pull off all the DLC. In short, it's hit or miss. It's better to take it to a professional.
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