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    OK then, i have a 3.4e softmodded wii, used the twilight hack. I use neogamma r8 beta 7 as my disk backup loader channel (installed wad), i currently have cIOS 249 rev14. IOS38-64-v3610

    1) what is the best backup launcher channel to use?? (wad please) and what is the best IOS and cIOS to use on cIOS 249 (compatible with all games?) i was thinking of getting cIOS249[57]-v20, any gud??

    2) what can i use to prevent wii system updates?? priiloader, if so which version and how? o.O (i like to use rebooter)

    3) shud i install bootmii to have as a "backup" incase of a brick? :S and how?!?

    4) is there any point of me updating my wii? and if so, anyway without getting 4.3e which is currently only hackable with indiana pwns, which i dont own and preferably didnt intend getting. however i will get this if u reccomend me to tho.

    Thankyou very much for you time and effort, its greatly appreciated!
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    to answer all the 'how?' questions: follow one of the stickied guides (Modmii is likely the easiest)...

    1.) i use Wiiflow[250], but cfg is probably the best. GX is getting aged and outdated it seems....
    2.) priiloader, yes....the latest version....
    3.) bootmii@boot2 is best if you can, otherwise bootmii@IOS....
    4.) 4.1 allows you to play WSR without the bug....4.2 allows SNEEK....so yes. there's no point to go to 4.3

    again...Modmii to answer the 'how's.' answer that it's a virgin 3.4e and you want 4.2e, follow the instructions....this will get you fully updated IOSes and system menu.

    see my sig for which cIOSes i use....wiiflow[250] using IOS224 for CoD:BO, Wiiflow[250] using IOS223 for RB3, i have 249v17 for Triiforce compatibility...

    hope this helps.