A few basic questions about updating CFW

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    i'm currently on rogero 4.55 (haven't done anything with it in long time) and i'd like to go to rebug 4.81.2. had a few questions first

    1) the rebug website says to make sure i have "spkg sig check patched and QA enabled" when i update, and i'm not sure how to do that.

    2) will i lose anything by switching from rogero to rebug? i have a few .pkgs installed, and i used multiman for a few games with broken discs (thanks, baby cousins). i assume multiman will continue working afterwards.

    sorry if these are dumb questions, i literally haven't touched my ps3 in several years.
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    You should already have tgat, just in case backup your nand/nor
    mmOS->Select any file->Open in HEX viewer->[SELECT]->[START]->DUMP LV2(NO)->DUMP LV1(NO)->DUMP FLASH(YES)
    And update to latest rebug.
    You wont loose anything, just old cfw :-P