A better idea for Super Mario Odyssey Minigame.

Discussion in 'Switch - Games & Content' started by Sonic Angel Knight, Jan 11, 2018.

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    So if most of you saw the nintendo direct today, you noticed they mentioned a free update for the game coming soon. This will have a mini game that has you playing with others online... how? By hiding balloons and finding balloons. To be honest, I don't have the game, and probably wasn't gonna until the price was reduced (Maybe nintendo selects $20) or something below $30, but anyway is not important. That didn't seem to be too appealing to me. So I wanted to just share a idea I had that could maybe been a better use of a new mini game or something.

    I remember playing assassins creed 3 on ps3, it had this online mode where you play against other players by doing the same kind of stuff you do in the main game. You hide from a player with disguises and try to hunt others. Your target to hunt is not the same person trying to hunt you. My idea is kinda similar. In this game mode, one player uses Cappy to capture a object or person/creature, then other players try to find them within the time limit. Basically I came up with this so quickly that I didn't bother to see if something like this had been done.

    Turns out there is a game similar to what I described, is called prop hunt, and is something you play in one of those steam source engine maker games like garry's mod. Though I'm shock something like this exist already, I was thinking that the idea I had for a multiplayer game mode would maybe be better than a balloon hunting. The way the video show cases it seem like you don't really play with other people as in at the same time. You just get 30 seconds to hide the balloon and then anyone can just go and grab it in a time trial speedrun like manner. My idea is to have multiple people play with each other, but then would it be silly to see a bunch of marios running around looking for another hiding with cappy's powers?

    Anyway is just a idea, if anyone has some ideas of their own or think they can improve mine a bit, share them in the comments below. Are you happy with the new mini game that will be coming soon or disappointed?:unsure:
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    i think it gives better ideas for a odyssey multiplayer mode...

    omg the minigame already exist Koppa-race with ghosts how it mariokart 64 does but from other players..... with worldranking
    make more of that races its funny use the whole world
    make a race with the flyinganimal with worldranking
    make a race underwater with worldranking
    make a race with the waterflyer with worldranking

    or this idea :how many random placed coints you can find in timelimit? with worldranking
    or one Player have to place 50 coints and the other player have to search them

    a 2d mario random endlessrunnermultiplayer-mode with worldranking
    how long can you survive

    with the tank fight against endless waves of monsters with worldranking
    endless waves of monsters aigainst every form of mario with worldranking

    a endless climber game with mario in form from the ainimal with the long legs with worldranking
    a endless climber game with mario itslef with worldranking
    all better as this ballon hit and seek

    +giveaways for the first players of the ranklist
  3. aofelix

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    Dec 21, 2013
    I think Odyssey multiplayer could DEFINITELY be improved on as the glaring issue with it is the multiplayer/co-op just isn't enjoyable compared to SM3DW.

    However I think its a limitation of having a phenomenal world class single player experience.
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