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    It all started at a Gamestop in a mall in some suburban American city. It was long after closing time, long after the children and the neckbeards left, long after the employees had locked up and the lights turned off.

    The PS3 sat in his corner, surrounded by his play things and movies, sitting pretty now that he was $299, a newfound popularity. Things weren't always this way, PS3 had grown up in an abusive yet famous family. His dad always expected more and more, yet the PS3 could never keep up, he could never live up to the expectations of his father... so the PS3 tended to over compromise in everything he did.

    The PS3 and the Xbox 360 have been enemies since forever. When the PS3 got a new game, the Xbox 360 called it a movie. When the Xbox 360 got a new game, the PS3 told the 360 to have fun not being able to play it due to his disease. Growing up, they've been influenced by their parents to hate each other.

    It was weird though, as much as the PS3 hated the Xbox 360, he couldn't stop thinking about him. The way the Xbox 360 has this sleek and curvy white body, his triple-core IBM Xenon CPU, (The fact that it can process two threads at the same time turned the PS3 on.) and his ATI Xenos, which has 10 MB of eDRAM with it's memory pool being 512 MB in size. The PS3 always suppressed these thoughts and kicked himself when he thought of such things.

    "He'd never like me", PS3 whispered as he looked down.

    The Xbox 360 has always been in the limelight, surrounded by the rich and beautiful. He'd been a success in life, he avoided his father's mistakes and did better. Growing up poor, he sets his eyes on becoming a success by cutting as many corners as he could. After all the shallow love, all the money, and all the systems he's been with, the Xbox 360 has never really experienced true love.

    The PS3 was looking at the Xbox 360 from across the store. When the Xbox 360 noticed that the PS3 was looking at him, the PS3 looked away, embarrassed. The Xbox 360 laughed and made his way to the PS3's side of the store. It was awkward at first, lifelong enemies casually meeting. "Hey, PS3" said the Xbox 360. "Uh... uh, hi Xbox 360", the PS3 mustered up.

    The Xbox 360 didn't know what to do.

    "Um.. I saw you looking at me."

    "Hahaha, yeah. Sorry!" the PS3 replied.

    They both knew what they wanted. The PS3 got closer to the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 got even closer, they were so close you could hear both of their fans spinning wildly.

    "Is this right?" the PS3 said.

    "I don't care if it's not, it just feels so right" replied the Xbox 360.

    “P-S3” Xbox 360 said moaning “I know this is your first time but… I’ve waited for sooooo long for this.” PS3 nodded and smiled, then he opened Xbox 360's disc drive, freeing a fully erected disc tray. “Woah, I didn’t know it was so big!” said the PS3, surprised. PS3 started touching it with a blush on his face. He'd never seen anything like it before... unless you count the time the PS3 accidentally walked in on his father showering.

    Back then, he didn't know what that was.

    Xbox 360 moaned with pleasure at PS3’s touch. The green lights, Xbox 360's circle, were going wild. All the PS3 could do was laugh, he told the 360, "It's amazing, isn't it?" The PS3 and the Xbox 360 looked at each other, they knew that what they were doing was wrong... but who cared, it felt so right.

    The 360 looked at the PS3 with shy eyes, the PS3 looked back at the Xbox 360. "It's time to return the favor" said the Xbox 360 to the PS3, and at that, the PS3 felt a sensation he'd never felt before. The Xbox 360 was playing around with the PS3's ethernet port, slowly caressing it, slowly... slowly. The PS3 could barely concentrate as the sensation was too amazing, his processor was going wild, his cooling fans were doing their best at cooling him down.

    The PS3 told the Xbox 360 to stop.

    "W-why?" shocked, the Xbox 360 spoke up.

    "I can't let you have all the fun now, can I?"

    The PS3 started to play around with the Xbox 360's HDMI port. They were both on the floor of the Gamestop store, the PS3 playing around with the Xbox 360's HDMI port, the Xbox 360 was going to town on the PS3's 4 USB ports.

    Frankly, the Xbox 360 felt a little jealous as he only had two USB ports.

    They both decided to stop playing around, to get to the real fun. The PS3 kissed the Xbox 360 with a wild passion. They were both humping each other, each hump harder and faster than the one before. They were sweating, they were hot, and they were in love. It was like being stuck in nirvana for the two star-crossed lovers.. a hot and steamy nirvana. With the PS3 on top, the Xbox 360 continued to fondle the PS3's ethernet port, followed by by repeatedly sticking a Memory Stick in his Flash Memory Slot. The PS3 responded by plugging in a flash USB drive to the Xbox 360's USB slots.

    The Xbox 360 stopped, he was surprised.

    The PS3 and the Xbox 360 looked at each other.

    The PS3 was embarrassed, "Did I do something wrong?"

    "No," said the Xbox 360 smiling, "it's just that it's been a long time since anybody has touched that." The PS3 continued to stick in that flash USB drive into the Xbox 360, harder and faster each time. The Xbox 360 was overwhelmed with pleasure that he sometimes lost his train of thought and drifted off in pure pleasure.

    The PS3 proceeded to eject the Xbox 360's disc tray one more time. "Let me finish you off," said the PS3. The Xbox 360 smiled as the PS3 worked on the 360's fully-erect disc tray. As the PS3 was sucking, longer and deeper each time, the Xbox 360 couldn't hold it in anymore and blew his load. They both fell down laughing.

    A week later, the PS3 called up the Xbox 360.

    "You gave me red rings," said the PS3.
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    I had a hard time clicking this thread.

    Nice story though! I love the part where the xbox 360 says he's never been touched at the usb port before. I found it funny because its true!
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    'you gave me red rings.'

    I lolled.
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