Homebrew 3DS XL is ready and know.........I am a little Overwhelmed of the Number of Apps.....


XP not matters.
Nov 8, 2018

Today it is Halloween and the Day where I put CFW on my first 3DS XL.
I have used the great Guide from


As you see I have choosen the "seedminer" Way.:D

I have taken my Time,read all carefully and all runs smooth and finally it is done.:yay3ds:

Next Step I have choosen FBI to install .cia "Files".:evil:
I use an 32 GB SD Card.
And that is enough for today for me.

I started reading about FBI,Luma 3DS,Rosalina........and many more.......
A little too much for the Moment.I decide to let it for today.

And here my Question(s) please for the next "Time":

I use my R4 Clone Flashcard further for DS(i) Games.
For the DSiWare I need TWiLight I think......

Is there a "better" Option then "install" .cia Files with FBI ?
Can I use another Application to start/boot the .cia Files (Games) directly without install them ?

I am aware that I maybe not have choosen the "optimal" Way but if there are other maybe "better" Solutions,please can you "lead" me in the right Direction ?
It is not necessary to write Manuals or Guides for me.:D
Only a little Assistance please.

Thank you for your Help,fellow GBAtemp Community.:)


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Mar 28, 2018
About TWiLight Menu++: I’ve not followed the latest development and do not know if loading DSiWare from SD is yet possible. Staring .nds files (DSiWare) was not possible on 2|3DS systems when I last played around with TWiLigth Menu++ and nds-bootstrap.
GodMode9 can convert .nds files (only DSiWare of course, not cart dumps!) to installable CIA files. Sadly the TWLN partition is as small as on the DSi which means not a whole lot of DSiWare fits on the NAND (+ 40 DSiWare title limit)
Other than the DSiWare limitation everything in TWL mode works like you are used to from your DSi experience.

The only alternative to installing CIA files (3DS software) is something like the expensive Sky3DS+ that can mimic retail cartridges – with all the limitations and problems that brings. (Including virtually no help on GBAtemp in case of problems and the friendly advise to get CFW and smash the Sky3DS+ with a hammer.)
But hey: Installing your games once and you’re done. Dumping many carts is tedious because it needs manual attention every few minutes (change cart). Installing everything with FBI:
  • Plug in charger
  • Install and delete all CIAs
  • Go to bed
  • Next morning: All done!
Do not blindly install a whole lot of smaller 3DS games and/or forwarders and/or Virtual Console injections. If you exceed the 300 titles limit not everything will be shown on home menu (and you would need to use 3DSBank)

Being GBAtemp’s very own Backup Reminder:
  • Don’t trust a not proven to be okay SD (h2testw as you’re a Windows user).
  • Use Checkpoint and or JKSM to backup 3DS game save data you care for regularly.
  • Backup your NAND once in a while and every time before doing (stupid) experiments like downgrading, deleting/modifying console unique files or titles on the NAND.
  • Backup everything on your SD to multiple locations. If the SD corrupts or fails all the above becomes useless.
Most important: Have fun with your 3DS! (now that you finally have one)
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