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    Jun 11, 2009
    Ok , as most are aware the test units are out now , at gamestation and HMV and game also have them i suspect. Anyway the indications of low stock numbers in the uk are more rampant at Gamestation i found this out when i wanted to change my colour to black which at pre-order they said " You can change to black if want to at any time" , and they pretty much said no straight away totally going against what they said above.

    but the staff member also told me that they had ordered the number of units needed , now this does make me wonder are they expecting to sell out day 1 or has nintendo told them to provide pre-orders only i wonder?

    I must say if the small box the demo units are in is classy it is so small, and remember smaller is better it is less cardboard to go in the bin eventually saving the world !.

    Sorry About the thread title i was not thinking.