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    So 3DS is coming out soon in NA, and i will be retiring my good ol' ds phat (;__;) to my little cousin. :3 My regular acekard 2 definitely wont work, so anyone have any recommendations for which dsi flashcart to get? I like the acekard menu and feel and whatnot, but the team said they may or may not release the update to make it 3ds compatible. How is the r4i menu in comparison? And the ievolution or any others? I wanna order it now so i'll have it when the 3ds comes out [​IMG]
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    At this point you probably want to limit your selection to those that have an updateable bootloader. I suspect most people would recommend one of the following

    SuperCard DS2

    Note these will only allow you to play older DS games on your 3DS. You'll still have to buy Nintendogs+Cats [​IMG]

    Obviously there is the very minute chance that there's some miraculous development 'just around the corner' to allow 3DS games to be played. However you'd probably be better off putting that bet on a PowerBall ticket than waiting for it. Stick with what's currently known. It's not like flashcarts are SO expensive that you can't buy another one if there is such a development in the future.
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    Current situation is this regarding the carts:
    iEvo works on the Japanese 3DS with the default bootloader. No update needed
    AK2i doesn't work on the Japanese 3DS without a bootloader update. Update needed, though it isn't available yet (AK has confirmed it to work).
    DSTwo doesn't work at the moment, needs an update. No update available at the moment (no word from SC team on the matter).
    R4i (alot of the clones) don't work. Update needed but since most don't have an updatable bootloader, you'll have to buy a new cart (Some teams have made working models).

    As mentioned before, those carts with updatable loaders are the way to go.

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    The r4i DSN that runs wood has a updatedable bootloader, there for works.
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    why does everyone forget to add ez-flash vi they are probably also making an update right now.
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    Qtis, or anyone really, I'm kind of new to all this and have a question. I only owned a PSP so getting homebrew and whatnot to run on a DS/3DS seems a lot different. Will one of those flashcards listed with updatable bootloaders be able to advance from only being for DS games? Or will they always remain DS mode related?

    I'm assuming there will be 2 separate ones when it's all said and done. Confusing stuff, sort of.
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    The Cycloc iEvo is the first DSi flash cart. It can run DSi games.

    As for whether stuff will go to 3DS mode, nobody knows. Period.
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    They will forever stay just DS.

    Most of the popular flashcarts have a similar interface for game loading.
    It's based on the acekard's rpg.

    iEvo is unconfirmed to work in DSi mode on the 3DS since the cooking game they use doesn't have a Japanese version, and the DSi is region locked.
    It does however work in DS mode.
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    Ah I see, thanks for the answer.