2DS + Sky3DS noob. Is there a scrolling rom list?

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    hi. its been a long time since i last been around this scene. recently got a 2DS and looked up my options so i got myself a Sky3DS cart. everything is working fine so far, and i realize that the Sky is a brand new cart, but the push-button rom scrolling is not very efficient at all.

    i used to have a M3 DS Real on my old DS, and that GUI was very user friendly in comparison to this Sky3DS. is there any hope that a more convenient method of loading roms will be available in the future? i'd like to load up at least 20+ roms, but scrolling through them seems like such a chore at this point in time.

    i have no idea how the other flashcarts are, since my only options was the Sky. but now i'm wondering if the Gateway or others have a better UI.
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    No other options then to press the button. You should have waiting for Gateway to release their update for 9.2 firmware
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    There's no choice and no hope for scrolling rom method using software/homebrew on Sky3DS. You have to press the damn button to choose rom until it's broken. Otherwise, you should buy a GW for anything else.
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    if you have the red button Sky3DS you can utilize a "bug" that auto-scrolls for you until you press the button. it's over on the stickied thread.