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    Jan 1, 2014
    Running aureinand 10.7 on a 2ds and the sd card screwed up so i had to reformat the card and then copy files back on.

    All was going well until i tried to update the system using sysupdater then for some reason all the home apps done a dissapearing act :wacko:

    Only game im worried about is Pokemon x really font want to lose the save. And the only way i can launch it is through fbi. So at least it still exists but is there anyway to move it back to the home menu without losing the save?

    Had a copy of NSMB2 which i reinstalled from cia and that was like a fresh install with no save data on it. Dont want that to happen to pokemon x.

    Thanks in advance
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    If you're worried about your save use a save manager (JKSM or SDF) to extract your save, reinstall, and reimport your save
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    Try Save Data Filer, that's your only chance, also, jump to Luma, that would give you less headache.
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