2 questions about Ez flash 3in1 and Pal Park!

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    Nov 7, 2010
    S. J. Rio Preto
    Hi! I have two questions about my ez flash 3in1 and some functions.
    First, I would like to migrate my pokemons, from versions that I play on gba to my Diamond, or any rom in R4, and if possible, open my save games that i play on the emulator ( visual boy advance ) in the Ez flash!

    so... 1º What can I do to make the ez flash 3in1 works with the Pal Park? I tried to patch the rom of pokemon diamond, but when it starts, the white screen owns, have other way to fix'd ?

    2º Have some way to open my saves from VBA in Ez flash?! I've tried many ways, and it always failed.

    Can anyone help me?!

    Ps: i'm so sorry about my english, i'm from brazil!, not speak english here, but this is what i can do of my best! [​IMG]
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