Computer shuts off randomly.

Asked by Fishaman P, Apr 14, 2011 836 8

Fishaman P asks:
Got parts for Christmas and built my own computer. No problems.

Recently got a new Hitachi 500GB hard drive and a new Asus DVD drive, along with an Asus 20" monitor. Put them in. Started computer up, just shut down a couple of seconds later. Opened computer up, unplugged old 20GB HDD, computer worked fine. Plugged HDD back in, computer still worked fine. Weird.

Brought computer downstairs the next day to get internet access. Computer was having the issues again when I tried booting Win7 off the new 500GB hard drive. Then tried Ubuntu off a 160GB HDD (yes I had 3 HDDs) and it worked fine, getting updated and all. Went back to Win7, ISSUES. AGAIN.

Then, no matter what I booted (memory tester, Ubuntu, Win7) it was having power issues. Sometimes it would shut down before it even got past the POST (which every other time beeped once for OK). Tried EVERY combination of removing, switching, unplugging things, etc.

I noticed that the longer I waited after shutdown to restart, the longer it lasted. It's like an exponential decay equation, but the limits are like 5-90 seconds. I can't use my computer for ANYTHING. Help!
Apr 14, 2011

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