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  1. New Pikmin 4 trailer reveals that you'll be able to create your own character

    Nintendo dropped a new trailer for Pikmin 4 today, giving fans a quick new look at the upcoming game. Though short, the teaser shows off a character creator system...
  2. Western Digital announces its own line of Xbox Series X|S expansion cards

    Seagate has had a stranglehold on Xbox's proprietary storage expansion for the Series X|S up until now, but there's a new competitor in town. Western Digital has...
  3. Review XPC Technologies 2TB P560 2230 SSD

    XPC enters the 2TB Steam Deck 2230 drive fray with its own in-house offering.
  4. "Resident Evil: Death Island" CGI movie gets a new trailer, confirms release date of July 25th, 2023

    The official YouTube channel for Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a new trailer for the upcoming CGI movie based on the Resident Evil franchise, "Resident...
  5. Nintendo Switch Online adds GB, SNES, and NES games this month

    Nintendo is adding an assortment of classic games to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Game Boy, NES, and SNES are all getting representation, with Kirby Tilt 'n'...
  6. Capcom is hosting a games showcase on June 12

    Capcom will be revealing what it has in store for the future, as part of Summer Games Fest. A Capcom Showcase has been announced, and is set for June 12th, at 3pm...
  7. A fan recreation demo of Tears of the Kingdom using Unreal Engine has appeared

    Fans of the Zelda series have been enjoying the latest Zelda title, Tears of the Kingdom, for almost a month now, and the amount of creativity and inventions that...
  8. Switchroot Android R version publicly released, allows you to boot Android 11 on all Switch models

    The first public release of Switchroot's Android R/11 version is here. Available as a beta, the Switchroot team has published a guide on how to run Android 11 or R on...
  9. Star Wars KOTOR II devs go back on promise to release restored content DLC for Switch port

    One of the selling points that publisher Aspyr Media was hyping up prior to the release of their Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II port to the Nintendo Switch...
  10. Editorial The best Pokemon game isn't made by Game Freak

    In recent years the Pokemon series has seen some highs and lows. Since the transition to the Switch, fans have criticised each title for a flurry of reasons from...
  11. PlayStation kicks off its annual Days of Play sale

    PlayStation is here to celebrate a Summer of non-stop gaming, with its annual Days of Play sale. Plenty of discounts are available for games on the PlayStation Store...


  1. Hardware

    Miyoo Mini+

    Can the Miyoo Mini Plus really offer retro gaming through ease of use and value for money? Let's find out!
  2. Hardware

    XPC Technologies 2TB P560 2230 SSD

    XPC enters the 2TB Steam Deck 2230 drive fray with its own in-house offering.
  3. Hardware

    LeadJoy M1B iOS Gaming Grip

    A controller grip for the modern iPhone, we check out LeadJoy's M1B mobile gaming controller.
  4. Hardware

    Nextorage G Series MicroSD

    MicroSD cards are essential, so you'll want to make sure you get a good one. Is Nextorage a brand to consider?
  5. Computer

    Last Epoch (Early Access)

    Wander through various eras slaying and looting, from dinosaurs to Lovecraftian horrors. Nothing is safe from a looter’s desire for better gear. Especially not in this promising indie action RPG...

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