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    Xbox's X019 event coverage, new Rare IP, new Obsidian game, Halo Reach PC release date announced

    Before we all journey off to Galar in the Pokemon world's take on the UK, Microsoft is hosting an event in England this afternoon; their yearly X0 stream taking place during an episode of Inside Xbox,...

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    Interview with Gameforge, the publishers of 'Kingdom Under Fire 2'

    Last week we had the opportunity to attend the pre-launch press event for Kingdom Under Fire 2. The latter, which releases today, is an MMORPG-RTS hybrid developed by Blueside and published by...

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    Netflix's The Witcher TV show has already been renewed for a season 2

    As each day passes, excited fans and dubious onlookers get one step closer to finally being able to watch the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. With the show's first season kicking off at...

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    Shenmue III launch trailer teases the long-awaited sequel to the Dreamcast cult classic

    The long wait for Shenmue III has almost come to a close, with the game releasing in less than a week's time. Shenmue III continues the story of the previous entry in the franchise, Shenmue II, which...

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    Best deals launched by XIDU's official store for the end of year shopping festival [Sponsored]

    The following is a sponsored post. XIDU shoppers get ready! XIDU official store's year end shopping festival is upon us! As we all know, XIDU, an innovative Shenzhen-based company that has made a big...

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    Stardew Valley will get new content in an upcoming 1.4 update, later this month

    More content will soon be headed to 2016's indie classic, Stardew Valley. Lone developer ConcernedApe has unveiled his plans for an upcoming 1.4 update, slated for release this month. As said in the...

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    'Kingdom Under Fire 2' Pre-Launch Press Event

    It was in the morning of November 5th that I, representing GBAtemp, was invited by Gameforge to step into Castle Reichenstein in Germany for an exclusive press event for their upcoming PC game Kingdom...

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    'Sonic The Hedgehog' live action movie gets fresh trailer with new Sonic design

    After the negative reception following the release of the first Sonic The Hedgehog live action movie trailer, the producers and director of the movie delayed the title's release to rework on Sonic's...

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    Google Stadia launch titles revealed

    Google's video game streaming platform, Stadia, launches in a couple of days and the company has announced its platform's launch day line up. Early adopters of the Stadia will get to play the...

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    Infinity 2.0 released for the PSP, allows for persistent CFW on all models of PSPs on 6.60 and 6.61

    Scene dev Davee, known for their work in regards to creating various tools for the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita, has graced the PSP scene with one final contribution. Released today is...

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    uLaunch - custom, open source Nintendo Switch HOME menu reimplementation

    Hey all! It's been a while since I started working and playing around with homebrew replacing HOME menu in February. After several months of RE, new approaches and a lot of work, I'm glad to present...

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  1. Dragoninjector
    What is this device? It’s a RCM payload injector that uses a bug in unpatched Switches. RCM is the Recovery Mode normally used by Nintendo for the Switch, but thanks to a mistake inside the Switch, the bug can be abused to run unsigned code. Payloads are packages sent to launch in the RCM when it boots. Some of the most common software are CFWs, such as Atmosphere, ReiNX and SXOS. There is a...
  2. Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse
    Logitech continues to refine their MX Master Mouse series, with the third iteration. Could this be the perfect mouse for productivity?
  3. HyperX Cloud MIX Wired Gaming Headset + Bluetooth
    With the HyperX Cloud Mix headset, you aren’t just gaming. You’re gaming in style! HyperX’s newest headset retails for a pretty penny at $200. But does the style make up for the cost? Let’s explore.
  4. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
    Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is the twenty-first main game in the Atelier series and kicks off a new era for the series. With a story unconnected to any previous game, could...
  5. Astro C40 TR Gaming Controller
    While Xbox users have the Elite Controller, PlayStation fans need their own equivalent. Does Astro have what it takes to compare with the best of the best in the gaming controller world?
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