ZTE Zmax PRO MetroPCS is AMAZING! @ only USD$99!

Discussion in 'Android' started by 3DSPoet, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    Hello, all! ^_^

    I recently replaced my dying Galaxy S4 with the new ZTE Zmax Pro and I have to say, I'm rather impressed with it.

    6 inch Full HD screen, Thumb Print reader, Octacore processor (though the specs read as if it has 2 quad-core processors), and get this...it has a freaking GYROSCOPE!!!! That's right! It's a FAST, FULL HD, Google Cardboard capable device!!!

    Okay, now for the cons....just to be fair....

    NO NFC.
    NO 5GHZ wi-fi
    NO ROOT (yet!)
    Also, it's about half an inch too long for most Google Cardboard viewers! :P Because the SCREEN is actually 6 inches, the phone is longer than 6 inches. That means it won't fit into most viewers. It fits in my cheap ColorCross viewer (cost me like $12 on eBay 2 years ago, I think?) It will NOT fit in my ViewMaster* visor. I've also contacted several sellers on eBay who sell visors that support "up to 6 inch" phones and they've said it won't fit in those visors, either.

    *The ViewMaster visor has 2 rubber bumpers that keep the phone centered inside the device. Cutting these out or thinning them would make the phone fit.

    Just thought I'd share! ^_^