Zelda Games on the DS

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    I absolutely love Zelda games. I started gaming around '94 with a brick gameboy and Link's Awakening and it was the first game I ever got hooked into and beat. It's been a while since then but I really don't get tired of that formula of gaming. Spirit Tracks was just as fun to me as it could've been. I would like to start a list of games that could be playable on a DS that somewhat resemble the Zelda style of action/adventure/rpg (or completely clone it). I am looking for anything possibly playable through emulators or homebrew or directly on the ds. I know this is a vague category because something like a dungeon crawler like Ring of Fates just doesn't feel the same. I'll let you guys decided and i'll edit this post accordingly. Here is off the top of my head, hopefully you guys can suggest more I can play:

    TLOZ: Phantom Hourglass
    TLOZ: Spirit Tracks

    TLOZ: A Link to the Past (Port)
    TLOZ: The Minish Cap
    Sword of Mana

    TLOZ: Link's Awakening
    TLOZ: Oracles
    Crystalis (Port)
    Final Fantasy Adventure

    TLOZ: Original
    TLOZ: The Adventure of Link

    TLOZ: A Link to the Past
    Secret of Mana
    Seiken Densetsu III (Not playable on Snemulds 0.6a)
    Illusion of Gaia


    Master System:
    Golden Axe Warrior
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    Final Fantasy? [Turn based] For DS
    Lunar Knights? [Gameplay just like in Zelda] For DS
    Chrono Trigger? [Turn Based but the battles are real time] For DS
    I bet Chrono Trigger is a must play for you, and the others, they are good also. [​IMG]
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    I assume you are eliminating RPGs with random battles, right? If not, the two GBA Golden Suns are in some ways very Zelda-esque (puzzle solving, very clever dungeon design), but in other ways they are very very RPG (orbit view overworld map, irritating random battles).

    Dungeon Raiders for DS is, while not the world's best game to be sure, stylistically and game play-wise VERY similar to the DS Zeldas.

    The two DS Crystal Chronicles are a little more leaning toward fighting than puzzle solving, but you'll probably like those, too.
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    Add Crusaders of Centy for Genesis It even has graphics that resemble Zelda, but it doesn't allow for nearly as much open exploration. It's a weird game, where early in you suddenly get the magical ability to talk to animals (at the expense of talking with people) and various magical animals join your group that you can swap in and out much like the items in zelda.

    EDIT: Beyond Oasis for Genesis is also kinda Zelda-ish. It does have some more rpg elements in the form of level ups and massive item/weapon management, but the general feel of the game is pretty similar.
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    Kind of different , but also very reminiscent of a Zelda game ( even though in another universe ) , I really enjoyed Freshly Picked: Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.
    When I played that game, I actually missed the PH touch screen controls, but other then that, I nice, clever, funny adventure that lasted quite a while.
    Worth to add IMO.