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    Is there a good set of documentation or a wiki for YSmenu?

    I recently starting running it as a replacment for the TTMENU of my TTDS and am constantly surprised by how much there is to it. For instance, I didn't know about the support for NES and GB/GBC roms until I saw a mention in an R4-related posting. Now, I've discovered, almost by accident, that I can use my old Supercard CF with YSmenu as a SRAM device.

    I'm wondering what else I'm missing out on.

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    This is all I could find:

    * YSMENU
    + Copyright(C)2008 - Yasu software http://www.usay.jp/
    * What's this?
    A Custom Menu for DS FlashCards. You can boot GBA, NDS, and emulators.
    NDS Loader is same as official kernel. Now, it supports:
    - DSTT
    - AceKard2
    It will support other cards in the future.
    + Advantage
    - We can implement functions we want
    ÂÂÂÂ- Simple directory view
    ÂÂÂÂ- You can backup/restore SAV file
    ÂÂÂÂ- You can delete file
    ÂÂÂÂ- You can boot GBA/Emulators directly (Slot2 cart required)
    ÂÂÂÂ- Sleeps when DS is closed
    + Demerits
    - The Loader is same as official
    - yasu's quality
    * Install
    - for DSTT users
    Run ttextract.exe with OFFICIAL TTMENU.DAT.
    ttdldi.dat and ttpatch.dat will be extracted.
    Copy ttdldi.dat, ttpatch.dat and YSMenu.ini to TTMenu directory in TF.
    Rename my YSMENU.nds to TTMENU.DAT and copy it to TF instead of official TTMENU.DAT
    - for AceKard2 users
    Run akextract.exe with OFFICIAL akmenu4.nds. akloader.nds will be extracted.
    Copy akloader.nds and YSMenu.ini to YSMenu directory in TF.
    Rename my YSMENU.nds to akmenu4.nds and copy it to TF instead of official akmenu4.nds
    - r4 users?
    hint: ttextract.exe with dstt official ttmenu.dat and r4tf.dldi...
    it is just experimental
    + Common installation
    Change [YSMENU]LITERALS in YSMenu.ini if you use in English or another language.
    (erase a semi-cron)
    If you use non-ASCII characters (ex. Japanese),
    Put next files for an encoding which you use to YSMenu directory.
    (system.fon) system.ank system.u2l system.l2u
    Put next files to YSMenu directory if you want/need/use.
    goomba.gba PocketNES.gba hvca.gba YSMenu1.bmp YSMenu2.bmp
    * Usage
    Select a file and Press A to launch.
    Press X to delete the file.
    @ NDS
    ÂÂÂÂPress Y to select cheat codes.
    @ GBA
    ÂÂÂÂPress Y to just load GBA to PSRAM in slot2
    Press START to use PassMe function or to boot slot2 GBA.
    If there is DEFAULT.NDS in microSD, it will be load automatically.
    Press B to stop it.
    * Warning
    Use at YOUR OWN RISK!
    Do not use for commercial.
    Do not upload this software to other site.
    Introduce the URL (of top page) if you want.
    * History
    + 2009/01/19 01:11
    - BugFix: Can't use some Slot2 Carts
    - BugFix: Reset is always ON
    - Update EZ3in1 library
    - Change Loading screen for 1.17
    - You can add external app buttons in START Menu by ini settings
    + 2009/01/01 00:00
    - ttextract now accepts inflated TTMENU.DAT
    - Default DMA/Reset Setting in ini
    - AK2i?
    + 2008/10/21 18:00
    - Cheat Item Name/Note will be line broken when it is too wide
    - fucking r4team.com, u2ds.com
    ÂÂWe may have to have an activation...?
    + 2008/09/13 22:22
    - Fix: a bug about 12MB lager GBA on EZ3in1
    - Literals Games/Saves/All Setting in ini
    + 2008/05/22 22:22
    - SAV extension setting in ini
    - Fix: Not boot on DSLinker
    - Fix: ttextract for 0xE5 patch
    + 2008/05/20 02:55
    - Simple Text Viewer
    - Draws Frame also with skin (u can disable by ini setting)
    - Fix: a bug after softreset
    + 2008/04/21 01:15
    - patching for 0xE5 filename problem by ttextract
    - supports 8Mbit save?
    + 2008/04/20 01:15
    - Adjust loading (related time problem?)
    - supports AceKard2
    + 2008/03/20 01:15
    - Brightness Setting in the ini file
    - You can Disable File Deletion by ini
    - Booting DS Firmware Menu Function
    + 2008/02/25 23:25
    - Fix homebrew judge, Unknown file icon
    - Adjust loading (related DL-play?)
    + 2008/02/24 24:00
    - Adjust for GBA Expansion Pack, Ewin, EZ3in1
    + 2008/02/23 23:23
    - Adjust: PSRAM load for EZ3in1, GBA Expansion Pack
    + 2008/02/15 02:15
    - Adjust: TimeStamp sorting
    + 2008/02/14 01:45
    - Fix a bug: Can't boot emu on M3Adaptor
    + 2008/02/13 02:30
    - Can sort file list by TimeStamp of SAV
    - Supports EwinExpPak EZ4Deluxe SuperCard(without SRAM)
    - Fix some bugs
    + 2008/02/11 02:30
    - read settings from YSMenu.ini
    - load cfg for NES to hvca
    + 2008/02/10 00:10
    - Function to write to NOR in EZ3in1
    - Fix some bugs
    + 2008/01/29 02:30
    - Read loader from file
    - Setup EZ3in1,M3 as RAM Expansion (for UBR)
    - Setup EZ3in1 as Rumble Pack
    + 2008/01/26 17:00
    - English version
  3. twiztidsinz

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    Dec 23, 2008
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    Anyone have any idea how to backup/restore SAV files?
  4. Pendor

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    May 11, 2008
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    Press SELECT until you see the save files. Then press A on the save file and it'll build a backup. To restore a backup, to the same thing but on a .BAK file.
  5. twiztidsinz

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    Dec 23, 2008
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    Thanks [​IMG]
  6. Kiokuffiib11

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    Apr 26, 2009
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    What is a TF?

    Does that mean the directory "TTMenu"
  7. Chris_Skylock

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    Dec 26, 2008

    root of the memory card. AFAIK
  8. Bri

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