XM7Play 25-02-2009

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    XM7Play 25-02-2009
    XM7Play, the XM-player made by sverx has received an update. This build is based on the latest version of libXM7 so the XM-module effects should play perfectly and the sample optimizer is also completed which should fix some of the problems that were present in XM-modules that had detuning problems in earlier versions.

    Release notes:
    - Based on libXM7 beta 0.93, so now the support of XM effects is complete [​IMG]
    - The included sample optimizer is also complete, so now the samples that are likely to have detuning problems will be manipulated to play as they should. (affect samples with loops... of course it's possible to disable the optimizer, just like it was before)
    - no Graphical UI. Contact me if you're interested in writing one! [​IMG]

    Important: the section "Getting the most of your tune" of the libXM7 documentation has been rewritten... read the previous post for details.

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