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    so i know its the same as a gamebridge.. i don't care i'd rather suppor XCM so i bought theirs [​IMG]

    anyway, i've got a problem w/ my v-box i can't seem to find answers for ANYWHERE figured i'd ask here [​IMG]

    well if anybody has any experience please help if you could. I'm using vista x64 and quite honestly it was harder than i anticipated to get the device drivers to even install and make the program usable but i'm done with that and now i can see teh wii and the software works, but i can NOT however hear any audio.

    nobody seems to know how to fix it, i've email xcm and still waiting for an answer or even a suggestion but as it stands i can't figure out anything.. been messing w/ drivers and settings all day long to no avail. anybody with any help would be handy [​IMG]