XBLA and DLC week ending 18th September 2010

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    The XBLA and DLC posts are going to be merged from now on.

    To use the vast majority of these XBLA and DLC releases you will need a JTAG / SMC hacked 360- these posts will certainly be oriented at those that have one.

    XBLA releases are standalone but occasionally they have their only title updates ( <a href="http://www.xbuc.org/" target="_blank">http://www.xbuc.org/</a> although it is down at this point) and DLC (indeed the so called game room is an XBLA game based around DLC packs). DLC releases will be patched by the same title updates as the main game and often you will need a minimum title update to use them.
    If you move around long enough in these circles <a href="http://360.kingla.com/" target="_blank">http://360.kingla.com/</a> is a good site to have bookmarked.

    We ignore stackable releases (releases, usually from a different region, that are the same as others but appear as distinct titles to the 360) unless they offer something new and while we do report on it music game DLC is sidelined in favour of other releases, NFOs for those releases can be found on <a href="http://www.ludibria.com/index.php?sys=x36&ord=1" target="_blank">http://www.ludibria.com/index.php?sys=x36&ord=1</a>

    <b>The releases</b>
    No new nuke news or anything like that.

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    Full list of DLC releases

    The two non music game DLC releases this week are nothing special- just different costumes for large game packs or preorders and as far as I can see do nothing extra for the game other than make your in game characters look pretty (at least games like Metro 2033 gave you a new gun). Read the NFOs or links for more on what each one does.



    <a href="http://www.easports.com/blogs/inthecrease/post/slug/1-reason-to-reserve-nhl-11-bauer-boost-pack" target="_blank">http://www.easports.com/blogs/inthecrease/...auer-boost-pack</a>


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    All three XBLA releases since last post are covered here

    A port of the dreamcast game Sonic Adventure (someone said something about there being some DLC at some point to turn it into the DX version as seen on the gamecube. Sonic has failed somewhat in the attempts to go 3d but this is probably better that most other offerings.


    A King of fighters themed shoot em up. I doubt it will knock Cave off there position but such games are always welcome.
    I am not sure whether to call it a bullet hell game (the player seems to be providing most of it if so) so have a trailer
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    I do not think it is called a clone if you copy yourself but if someone else made it then it would be called a clone. The twist here is your ship and the game "evolves" (unlocks new things as the games progresses) into a more modern shooter and an audiosurf inspired music driven mode is available.