Discussion with the news about new switch in 2019, the new console should include mariko, right?

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  1. aos10

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    after all the news about the mariko and how it would block FG, i always thought it's not good idea to make new chip (mariko) just to block the exploit, ipatch is enough.

    so i think mariko would be pushed back to 2019 in the new console, nintendo maybe was working on the new console when they released 5.0 and included the "mariko" info on it.

    my point here, the devs maybe should postpone the release of the other exploit after the new console, not this year or in the next 6 months.

    so, do you think nintendo would really release the "mariko" switch soon before the "new" switch?

    PS, i've half dizzy right now for getting flu for 3 days, so my words could be a bit confusing.
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  2. SnAQ

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    No, they're probably going to use the exploitable chip in the rumored new Switch

    /sarcasm off

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  3. Bst22322

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    I think it would be best to release deja Vu sooner than later. Mariko would surely come with fw 6.0 or higher
  4. jakkal

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    People like to ask questions they know the answers to
  5. leerpsp

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    I just hope they are the same size as the others with the better screens/glass that I can >switch< :D out with my old plastic bleached out looking screen.
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